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Monday, June 27

Talénto francés

Simon Marchand, Hendaye, France
Age 22

Sponsors: Kana Beach, Smith, Gravis, Island Style and Als Brothers
Surfboard: 6'0 x 18'1/4 x 21'/8 Als Brothers
Contest results: 9th World championship in Narrabeen 2005; 3rd EPSA pro junior tour 2003

Saturday, June 25

Maresías tubular

Tadeu Pereira fatura sua nota 10 em Maresias
O ubatubense registrou a sua primeira nota 10, em mais de 20 anos de carreira, nos bons tubos de 3 pés que quebraram perfeitos em Maresias nesta quinta

Tadeu Pereira surfou este tubo até o inside para
arrancar a segunda nota 10 em Maresias
A praia de Maresias amanheceu com muito sol e ondas tubulares de até 3 pés, que proporcionaram a oportunidade de Tadeu Pereira conseguir o segundo dez da competição e o primeiro unânime de sua carreira. O ubatubense se escondeu sob o lip de uma boa direita até o inside, saindo ileso e garantindo a nota máxima.

Friday, June 24

Santa Lucía bombeando

El miércoles pasado Santa Lucía dio su proberbial izquierda larga, los amigos de Zona Web no se la perdieron.

A Costa Rica é o destino de milhares de surfistas de todo o mundo que buscam altas ondas, clima agradável e preços honestos. Com algum dinheiro, um 4X4, seu quiver e muita disposição, é possível surfar inúmeros picos -- alguns deles famosos internacionalmente, depois de figurarem na telona com o documentário Endless Summer II e outros clássicos. Mas o verdadeiro tesouro deste acolhedor e chuvoso país da América Central se revela na perfeição de uma esquerda internacional e quilométrica, chamada Pavones.

Clean 4-6ft waves machined through Saint Leu all day again today, providing an ideal welcome for the host of WCT surfers that arrived in Reunion Island last night or early this morning. The Rip Curl team were out in force, sharing the left-hander with the likes of Andy Irons, Luke Munro and Taj Burrow.

Wednesday, June 22

Long weekend sailing

Afternoon watch Talonero skipping, Martín on guard.

SW wind blowing, Pincen on a strarboard tack.

The PINCEN (36 footter sloop) sailed on saturday from Boca del Rosario to the Yatch Club of Buceo in Montevideo.



27th annual NSSA National Championships

June 16-18 Salt Creek;
June 21-25 Lower Trestles

2005 NSSA National Championships set to go off at Salt Creek & Trestles

Thursday, June 16

Se busca una ola


EL PAÍS - 15-06-2005


Unos surfistas contemplan la desembocadura de Urdaibai, en Mundaka, donde se producía la ola.

En Mundaka, municipio costero de Vizcaya, quién más, quién menos, busca una ola. La ola que ha hecho famoso a un pueblo de apenas 1.800 habitantes al que peregrinan los surfistas de todo el mundo en busca de la mejor ola izquierda de Europa. Hace año y medio desapareció del mar y unos y otros buscan razones, humanas o naturales, para explicar los motivos de un problema que amenaza la pujanza comercial de un pueblo que vive del mar y del surf. Mundaka está incluida en el Campeonato del Mundo, pero la pasada edición tuvo que trasladar la prueba a la cercana playa de Bakio por falta de olas.

Chuck Patterson is one of the most versatile athletes on the planet today. Born the only son of father Henry, a nuclear physicist and mother Bitsy, a professional ski racer and windsurfer. Chuck’s calculated approach and gutsy athletic prowess literally began at birth.


O fotógrafo Clemente Coutinho e os surfistas James Santos, Fernando Moura e Robson Santos se encontraram na Nova Zelândia com uma missão: surfar a famosa esquerda de Raglan. Foram quase duas semanas de espera para enfim, por apenas um dia, terem a satisfação de ver "funcionar" uma das ondas mais perfeitas do mundo.


Australian 2005 snow season started last weekend and new policies were released.
At the Snowboard Discipline Committee meeting held in April it was decided to update the Snowboard Selection Policy. To view the latest Selection



Runner-up Damien Hobgood Dislocates Shoulder in Repeat 2004 Finals Performance

PRODUCING two perfect 10 point rides, pro’ surfing’s freak of freaks, six-times world champion Kelly Slater (USA) today proved he was still the man to beat on the Foster’s Men’s World Tour, winning the final of Billabong Pro Tahiti with savvy and commitment that defied comprehension in faultless 4-6’+ (2m) waves at Teahupoo. Here in the French territory of tropical Tahiti, it was magnifique Slater, winning a magnifique event in magnifique conditions.

Chelsea Georgeson squeezed past Rochelle Ballard to win the Rip Curl Venus Festival in Seignosse, a victory that brings her right back into the ratings battle with current WCT leader Sofia Mulanovich.


HARD FOUGHT BATTLES IN THE SECOND ROUND The WQS makes surfers work hard for their ratings, ping-ponging 'em around the world in search of that ever elusive combination of points that'll hopefully see 'em into the 'CT.

Australia’s Stephanie Gilmore won the Rip Curl Venus Festival trials in offshore, 4 to 6 foot (1 to 1.5m) conditions in Hossegor, France today. The victory earns the 17-year-old her third wildcard entry into a main event on the 2005 Women’s World Championship Tour (WCT) this season.

She will meet reigning world champion Sofia Mulanovich (AUS) and Samantha Cornish (AUS)in round one of the Rip Curl Venus Fesitval WCT.

Some say it is the riskiest wave in the planet. Shallow break point, sharks, and unfriendly locals, the hole package. At least I can say I surfed it.
IBA Men’s World TourShark Island, Cronulla, Australia6 - 31 July 2005
Human Raises the Bar... $50,000 up for grabs
Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 3 June, 2005 : - - Human has again expressed its support of Australia’s richest bodyboarding event this year by adding an additional $5,000 AUD to the original prize purse of $45,000 AUD making it the most lucrative bodyboarding event in the Southern Hemisphere. With first prize now set at $20,000 AUD it marks a new era in the sport of bodyboarding with the lucrative first prize now being the biggest single cheque to be handed to a winner in the history of the sport.

Dale "The Hawk" Velzy
Legendary Surfer Shaper

Dale Velzy, "The Hawk," was surfing's first commercial surfboard shaper. Before that, though, he built boards alongside the likes of legendaries Bob Simmons and Abel Gomes as well as peers like Joe Quigg and Matt Kivlin. Before that, starting out in the 1930s, the Hawk surfed with the best riders of the Manhattan, Hermosa and Palos Verdes Surf Clubs.
"People think the nickname Hawk is because of my nose," Velzy explained. "Actually the name is from when I was a little kid. When the October windstorms came to the beach they'd expose all of the coins people had lost over the summer. I used to be able to spot a quarter in the sand from about one hundred yards away. They used to call me Hawkeye cause I'd support myself by picking up all those coins."

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Se fué un Grande


El shaper Dale Velzy, mítico californiano de cuya escuela provienen muchos de los shapes que hoy se hacen en el mundo, luego de shapear por casi 60 años corrió su última ola.

Girlie Surf Camps

The first week of Girlie Surf Camps took place one week ago in Viareggio, Italy

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 31 May, 2005 : - - Did someone ever say that you can not surf in Italy? Well, the girls at Girlie Surf Camp proved this to be wrong! The first Girlie Surf Camp of the season took place last week in the sunny Mediterranean coast in Viareggio, Italy.
Viareggio, the Italian “Monaco”, situated only 20km away from the famous city of Pisa turned out to be a fantastic place to host a Surf Camp, with its beautiful white beaches, clear blue sea and warm temperature.
When in other parts of Europe, people are starting only to hope for summer and some sun the Girlie Campers got to taste the real summer days in Viareggio already in mid May!

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